October 1st, 2012

Hey guys. =) I've been off doing a lot of work.

In the time since my last post I've done big things! I went to Ireland, almost finished college, got a grant, joined a company (in which I am a co-owner and the lead artist and writer), and, most importantly, I've decided to revamp the website with the intent of showing off the various art works I've done over the past couple years, rather than worrying about showing all the comic work I did before. My new focus is video games, and I'm working on quite a few projects in order to develop them. Let me know if you want to beta test or see what I'm working on! I'm always happy to share.

Also, if you are looking for commissions, especially realistic portraits or still lifes (like the one I have painted to the left here), feel free to contact me, as well. I do portraits in any size with oil paints. Tell me what you want and I'll give you an estimate!

I'm currently working on getting more work up on the site for you to see the kind of things I'm producing, most of which is for sale if you're interested.


Please contact me for commissions! I live in the Pittsburgh, PA area, but we can work out shipping and etc. if you're far.

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